How does the program work?

Meltek provides a free energy-saving program for residents and businesses.

Here's how our program works in 3 simple steps:

  1. Sign up at or download our app in your smartphone's app store. Add your basic contact information and utility details when prompted. You will get alerted by Meltek to energy-saving events, usually a day in advance. This is a time frame when demand for electricity is at its highest (typically on hot summer days) and you'll get paid by us for using less electricity during that time.
  2. Take action. Conserve energy during the event by unplugging, switching off devices, pre-cooling your home or changing the AC temperature.
  3. Get paid by Meltek for saving energy. Transfer your earnings directly to your bank, or use them to get a wide variety of gift cards, donate to charity, buy carbon offsets, or plant trees! The more you save, the more you earn from Meltek. The choice is yours!
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