How do I get paid?

After you add your utility information, you are eligible to earn rewards either from energy savings during energy rewards events or by referring other users to Meltek. Meltek pays users for their participation in reducing their electric usage during peak demand hours; the more energy you save, the more Meltek pays you. Energy savings are measured in kilowatts (or kilowatt-hours).

Your savings can be directly transferred to a bank account, or they can be converted into a wide selection of gift cards, including Meltek favorites like Amazon, Apple, Target, and many more. The entire catalog of gift card options is available by going to 'Gift Cards + Bonuses' in our mobile app or after logging into our website. Users can also use their earnings to donate to any of thousands of charities via a "Charity On Top" gift card, to plant trees in ecologically sensitive ecosystems, or to buy carbon offsets via Ecologi. You will see all of your redemption options on your Meltek app dashboard.

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