How do I save electricity?

How you choose to save electricity during an energy saving event is entirely up to you. As you'll get alerted to events ahead of time, often a day in advance, you can pre-cool your home or business by ramping up your air conditioning before the event hours, so that during the peak demand event your air conditioning isn't needed as much. Or, if you have a couple of air conditioners, you can turn one off and stay in a room that is air conditioned. Pull down window shades to minimize the sun warming everything. You can turn off devices or lights that you do not need, or wait to use heavy duty appliances, like washers or ovens, until after the event (which last only a few hours) is over. Or you can make plans to go out for some or all of those hours (to a museum, a library, a café, or to enjoy a picnic).

Remember, the more energy you save, the more you can earn. 

Check out our energy efficiency page for all the tips on saving energy:

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