How much money will I get paid?

Demand response payments are influenced by at least two factors (in addition to which utility company you receive your electricity from, as each utility company has a slightly different program). The first factor is how many demand-response events there are (which depends, in part, on the weather, and in any case is decided by your utility), and second, at each demand response event, how much electricity is reduced during demand response events compared to typical (a.k.a. "baseline") electricity usage during similar hours over recent days. There is great variability depending on factors like home size, level of participation, average electricity usage etc... so it's better to calculate your earnings based on a percentage of your summer bill. For example, this past summer, Con Edison users got up to 20% and some even as much as 80% back on their July and August Electric bills. Con Edison users often earn about $10-$15 for each energy-saving event they participate in. Top-saving Meltek users could earn $40 or more in one day. The more electricity you save, the higher your rewards. 

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