Can I have solar and use Meltek? (Con Edison)

Yes, between March 1 and May 30 ConEd customers who have solar power attached to their home or business can sign up for Meltek’s energy-saving program, but they cannot join later in the summer (i.e. between June 1and September 30).  The amount these customers earn may be somewhat less, because ConEd does not want to double-credit customers who also earn on ConEd’s "net metering" rate plan. In 2024 ConEd net metering customers (such as those with solar panels attached to their home or business) may forgo DRV or LSRV compensation that they receive under their net metering rate plan.

ConEd customers who are enrolled in a community solar program (NYSERDA's community solar list) absolutely can enroll with Meltek's energy-saving program any time of year without giving up any benefits of the community solar program.

The answer is more straightforward for other utility companies, so for assistance there please email

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