What do I have to do to get paid?

Small changes make a big difference! Meltek often alerts you a day before energy saving (demand response) events so that you can plan your day in advance. You can pre-cool your indoor space (see below), visit a friend or the mall so that you don't need to use electricity yourself, read a book in the park, head out for a meal, postpone large appliance (e.g. dishwasher) use, unplug devices you don't need to be drawing power from the grid, etc. The more energy you can save, the more you can earn! 

Our top-performing customers have told us that the best solution for them was pre-cooling. A few hours before the energy-saving event, they would turn their air conditioning to significantly cool down their home or business. Then, just before the energy-saving event starts, they turn off their air conditioning or raise the temperature setting on their thermostat so that the air conditioner doesn't need to be used until it gets particularly hot, as the house is already cool from the pre-cooling. That ensures you can save energy during the event, while still staying comfortable - a win-win!

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